MGC Diagnostics

Micro 5000

The Micro 5000 Spirometer is an entry level PFT system with the ability to expand to include one additional test application and uses PFS (preVent® flow sensor) technology.

Micro 6000

The Micro 6000, is engineered for basic Spirometry in the environment of Clinical Trials and multiple test environments. The system uses the durable Heated Lilly Pneumotachograph, this provides assured accuracy without effect of water vapour, the heating preventing condensation on the metal mesh screen.


When you need full-function spirometry and space is at a premium, the CPFS/D USB™ spirometer is a most fitting solution. This small, portable system may look unassuming, but it’s packed with technological advances and features to meet all of your testing and data management needs. It is compatible with desktop and laptop computers for maximum flexibility. It has incentive graphs for spirometry, which are ideal for pediatric populations. It is powered by our cardiorespiratory diagnostic software, so you can be sure it will do more than meet your testing and data management needs.


The SpiroAir is a complete and modular pulmonary function system with the most reliable and accurate transducer on the marketplace: a dry rolling seal spirometer. This makes the system an excellent choice for standard PFT test but also for specific research needs or pediatric purpose.

HypAir PFS

With high quality open circuit spirometry, lung volumes, diffusion, respiratory mechanics and more, the HypAir is the ideal device for complete and modular pulmonary function testing.

Ultima PF™

The Ultima PF™ pulmonary function system offers complete pulmonary function testing for pediatric through adult patients. It is a powerful diagnostic tool for the clinician. It has a compact and versatile pulmonary function platform. Its optional upgrades include complete exercise and nutritional assessment, providing future expansion of testing capabilities.

Ergocard CPX Clinical

Ergocard CPX Clinical is an ideal budget system for multiple test centres with networking, pre-operative assessment and clinical work, utilising non-dispersive infrared CO2 and electrochemical O2 sensor with the prevent® flow sensor.

Ergocard CPX Professional

Ergocard CPX Professional adds value to the Research user with the additional of indirect Fick Cardiac Output measurement, The device expands to full CPET/PFT functionality with multiple options (lung diffusion capacity, cardiac output by C2H2 disolution , lung volumes measurement, etc.) using a non-dispersive infrared COand laser spectroscopy O2 sensor.

Ultima PFX®

The Ultima PFX® pulmonary function/stress testing system offers maximum flexibility to configure both pulmonary function testing and gas exchange systems with complete PF and metabolic assessment options for pediatric through adult patients. It has a proprietary breath-by-breath metabolic analysis testing during both rest and exercise. It is a compact and versatile pulmonary function platform.

FeNO+ System

The FeNo+ is device for the measurement of exhaled Nitric Oxide (NO ppb), the instrument has multiple flow setting, the sample is collected after a washout volume in sample bag that is in a re-circulation analysis circuit.

Ultima CPX™

The Ultima CPX™ metabolic stress testing system provides true breath-by-breath metabolic analysis during both rest and exercise for complete assessment of functional capacity and cardiorespiratory diagnostics.

Testing capabilities including Exercise Capacity, Direct Fick Cardiac Output and Spirometry. It also easily interfaces with ergometers (cycle and treadmill).

BodyBox PFS

The Body Plethysmograph (Bodybox) is considered the gold standard for the measurement of Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) and Lung sub-divisions, with the ability to measure both ventilated and non-ventilated lung areas. This then coupled to Airways Resistance and Spirometry with a wide range of Diffusion options and gas dilution lung volumes, provides a comprehensive testing station.

Platinum Elite™

With the Platinum Elite Series body plethysmographs, comfort and superior testing performance seamlessly combine to create the most space-efficient, state-of-the-art plethysmograph on the market. Technologists love the Platinum Elite body plethysmograph because of its compact design, ease of use, and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. Patients love the roomier interior space and generous foot room. The Platinum Elite body plethysmograph has an unlimited weight capacity.

Ultima CCM™

The Ultima CCM™ indirect calorimeter uses advanced technology and gas analysis to measure subjects in even the most challenging ventilator environments. Spontaneously breathing subjects can benefits as well, using one of the system’s comfortable patient interfaces which includes the preVent face mask or face tent.

Patients with thermal injury and/or trauma are able to have optimal nutrition while those with metabolic and eating disorders are carefully monitored. It also has robust oxygen, carbon dioxide and breath-by-breath analysis to provide highly accurate resting energy expenditure (REE) and substrate utilization subject data to determine appropriate nutritional support.

CCM Express®

Clinicians and dietitians are very emphatic about their regard for the CCM Express® indirect calorimeter. Whether they are in hospitals or in private practice, they like how it delivers advanced technology in the most demanding ventilator environment, including bias flow, pressure support, and elevated or fluctuating fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2). Patients breathing spontaneously benefit from the CCM Express indirect calorimeter’s comfortable testing options, such as the face tent and preVent® face mask.

The built-in computer with touchscreen operation, oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors, and breath-by-breath analysis make indirect calorimetry with the CCM Express indirect calorimeter rapid and simple—while providing highly accurate resting energy expenditure (REE) and substrate utilization data.

Ultima™ CardiO2®

The Ultima™ CardiO2® gas exchange analysis system pairs two superior technologies to produce one singularly powerful solution. The Ultima CardiO2 system combines our leading gas exchange technology with the premier Mortara ECG. A single software platform seamlessly controls both the gas exchange and ECG components. The result is an all-in-one, easy-to-use, me

Resmon™ Pro

With just normal breathing from the patient, the Resmon Pro can measure the mechanical properties of the respiratory system and provide a simple, effort-independent assessment of airways obstruction, characterizing peripheral, and central or heterogeneous patterns.

Trackmaster TMX428 & TMX428CP

TMX428 is a heavy-duty, medical treadmill is specifically designed to be interfaced and controlled by a wide variety of Cardiac and Pulmonary Stress Testing Systems, including the Ultima Series® cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems.

TMX428CP is for applications requiring occasional independent control of the treadmill (not using the stress testing computer), The TMX428CP is the ideal choice with an easy to use, programmable controller that can be operated in manual mode



There is a fabian™ device that meets their specialized respiratory needs. fabian™ ventilation devices deliver vital care across the entire neonatal acuity spectrum—from the newborn who needs help after a complicated delivery to the most fragile premature baby in the NICU. Designed for improving your workflow and budget, the fabian™ ventilator empowers the clinician to maintain the highest level of care as the infant’s condition and needs change.

AVEA™ CVS Ventilation System

For clinicians and administrators in the acute care environment, the Avea™ CVS is a comprehensive neonatal through adult ventilation system with the complete package of all advanced features and maneuvers in one device. It helps empower clinicians at the bedside to improve patient outcomes and decrease costs-of-care, while the Respiratory Knowledge Portal receives and processes data, converting it to actionable insights to help clinicians improve respiratory care processes.

VELA™ Ventilator

The VELA™ Ventilator is a full-function invasive and noninvasive ventilator that provides high-performance tools to support patients across the continuum of care. Available in three models, the VELA Ventilator offers a variety of features that can be customized to your specific ventilation and budgetary needs.