Critical Care



HemoSphere monitor provides actionable insights into hemodynamic instability. With intelligent decision support to help you manage perfusion, you can stay ahead of critical moments.


The minimally-invasive FloTrac system is a proven solution for advanced hemodynamic monitoring that automatically calculates key flow parameters every 20 seconds. Continuous clarity provided by the FloTrac system offers proactive decision support to manage hemodynamic instability and help you ensure adequate patient perfusion.


Accurate and safe pressure monitoring – TruWave disposable pressure transducers may be used independently or combined with VAMP closed blood sampling systems for a single safe, reliable and accurate monitoring solution.


ForeSight tissue oximetry sensor accounts for patient-to-patient differences, including skin tone, size, age, scalp-to-cortex distance and acuity; delivers absolute StO2 values, making a preinduction baseline optional; measures relative change in total tissue hemoglobin, providing insights into causes of StO2 changes; integrates with HemoSphere platform for an all-in-one view of patient perfusion

With ForeSight sensor, you can have the reliable, actionable tissue oximetry insights you need to intervene when it matters most.


The ClearSight system provides continuous blood pressure and advanced hemodynamic parameters from a noninvasive finger cuff.

Continuous data offered by the ClearSight system enables you to proactively optimize perfusion through hemodynamic management.

Swan Ganz

Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheters offer continuous parameters on three major integrated elements – flow, pressure, and oxygen delivery and consumption – for a comprehensive hemodynamic profile when used with a compatible cardiac output monitor.