The unique systems efficiency and economics make O-scan an ideal solution for standalone specialty clinics or as an add-on unit in the radiology department. O-scan is the ideal solution for extremities MRI, offering a complete range of high quality imaging capabilities for extremities while providing an optimal patient experience. The O-scan represents a perfect response to today’s needs of cost containment without compromising quality and workflow.

MyLab 9/Mylab 9 eXP

Top-class system for those who are looking for a top-class image quality to cover every need in all applications.

MyLab X5

Super compact ultrasound cartbase which supports diagnosis and patient follow up in several clinical applications.

MyLab X6

Flexible system which increases productivity and empowers your clinical performances.

MyLab X7

Efficient system which is fitting any kind of environment and needs to deliver high level of information.


Mammogram is the gold standard for the microcalcification detection.


CT Series

ANATOM S800 356-slice Spiral CT Scanner
ANATOM S400 128-splice Spiral CT Scanner
ANATOM Precision Multi-slice Spiral CT
ANATOM 64 Clarity Multi-slice Spiral CT
ANATOM 64 Precision Multi-slice Spiral CT
ANATOM 32 Fit / ANATOM 64 Fit Multi-slice Spiral CT
ANATOM 16 Multi-slice Spiral CT

MR Series

The latest generation of superconductive MRI equipment based on more than 30 years of Research and Development (R&D) experience.

SuperMark 1.5T
Superconducting MRI System
Permanent MRI System
Permanent MRI System
OPENMARK III Permanent MRI System